Student Membership

AACMA Student Membership – loads of benefits, and best of all membership is free for students of accredited courses!

Student Membership is open to students enrolled in traditional Chinese medicine courses and is a great way to keep informed of trends in the profession and to be part of Australia's peak TCM association.

Top 5 reasons why Student Membership is invaluable for TCM students:

  1. Keeps you informed with developements in the profession; you will receive the monthly member e-News and the quarterly Jing-Luo newsletter.
  2. Receive student rates to Chinese medicine events; some AACMA-hosted events permit free entry for students!
  3. Be entitled to the cheapest rates to the annual AACMA-hosted conference. In 2013, we are hosting WFAS Sydney 2013, a not-to-be-missed event.
  4. Receive significant discounts on membership: waiver of Application Fee (currently $165) plus a substantial discount on the first year's practising AACMA member fee (entitled to student members who apply for full AACMA membership within 9 months of the end of the semester of course completion).
  5. Free subscription to the Australian Journal of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, Australia's only peer-reviewed journal for our profession (valued at $50). 

Although Student Members are not entitled to vote or stand for election to the Board, they are entitled to elect a Student representative from their campus to their local AACMA State Committee. Student Members are also invited to participate in other activities of the Association.

How to apply for Student Membership

Complete the Application for Student Membership Form PDF and forward it with proof of your enrolment (copy of Student Card or letter of enrolment would be sufficient) by email to the AACMA Membership Department

Conditions for free Student Membership

AACMA Student Membership is free for students enrolled in an AACMA-approved program.

Conditions for free Student Membership:

  • the student must be studying in Australia and have an Australian mailing address;
  • the student must be enrolled in a course of study majoring in one or more TCM modality: namely acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine or tuina;
  • the program of study must be provided by a university or (if a private institution) a registered training organisation;
  • the course must be an accredited course - that is, accredited by an Australian university, a State government higher education accrediting authority or a VET accrediting authority;
  • providing evidence of ongoing enrolment by 31 March each year.

It is not necessary that the student be enrolled in an AACMA-approved course. However, students enrolled in other (non-approved) Chinese medicine programs, and students with an overseas postal address pay a one-off Student fee of $75.

Have any questions? Contact us!

Please contact the membership department at the AACMA office, 07 3324 2599 (extension 12 or 14), if you have any questions about your application or the application process in general.

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