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Dear Members,
You may recall the Chinese Medicine Board of Australia (CMBA) calling for submissions around the Guidelines for Safe Chinese Medicine Practice.
AACMA, along with many other contributors, submitted our recommendations to the CMBA surrounding this matter.
Yesterday the CMBA handed down their decision and findings into the Guidelines for Safe Chinese Medicine Herbal Medicine Practice. 
The CMBA on this occasion have taken the position of endorsing and authorising the use of “Pin Yin” as the most appropriate herbal nomenclature for the use of Chinese medicine in Australia.
This new guideline refers to;
·         Writing health records and prescribing and providing patient information;
·         Labelling;
·         Compounding, Prescriptions and Dispensing of Chinese Herbs;
·         Supervising and ensuring accountability of Assistants;
·         The use of English on all prescriptions and labels.
Further coverage and requirements of the new Guidelines can be found by reading the attached File.  We will be placing this information on our current and future Web site for ease of downloading and printing.
To enable everyone to become familiar with these new requirements the CMBA is allowing a two (2) year phase in for all practitioners to become complaint with these new guidelines.
Should members require further clarification surrounding these new guidelines then we have been instructed to refer you to the CMBA.
A brief survey will be coming out which you are encouraged to participate in regarding the use of appropriate software to assist with this process and also the use of a potential new service “ Peer Support Program” to assist with these new guidelines.
Please see the attached hyperlinks for complete access to these changes.
Media release
Guidelines for safe practice page

Posted on 11/17/2015 10:35:58 PM