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Is a career in Chinese medicine for you?

The profession of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in Australia is a challenging and rewarding career. Depending on the nature of your studies, you may qualify as an acupuncturist, a Chinese herbal medicine practitioner, or both.

In Australia, qualified TCM practitioners are primary-contact health care professionals. Most practitioners operate in private practice; however there are increasing numbers working from community health centres and hospitals, or engaged in academic and clinical research.

Qualified practitioners are educated in TCM theory, diagnosis and clinical assessment as well as the Western bio-medical sciences. Depending on the TCM major(s) undertaken, they are professionally trained to use acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine as interventions to safely and effectively treat the wide range of health conditions seen in TCM general practice today. Students may also undertake studies in TCM remedial massage as an adjunct to their practice.

Practitioners accredited in acupuncture and/or Chinese herbal medicine with the Australian Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Association Ltd (AACMA) must first pass our stringent entry requirements and are bound by a professional Code of Ethics and contemporary standards of health care practice.

AACMA recognises graduates of established four to five year full-time Australian bachelor degree programs in acupuncture and/or Chinese herbal medicine.

Graduates of non-recognised programs may be admitted to membership subject to providing evidence of having completed a comparable standard of education and training. Some applicants may be required to undergo a clinical assessment and others may also be required to successfully pass a written examination.

AACMA does not recognise graduates of primary qualifying TCM programs undertaken by correspondence or distance education mode, nor does AACMA recognise graduates of short courses.

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The Sydney Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine holds regular Open Days where they showcase their Chinese medicine courses. They warmly welcome you to attend an Open Day via this link:

SITCM was established in 1984 to educate, promote and unlock the power of Chinese medicine through the delivery of quality accredited education. All our courses relate to Chinese medicine and most of our teaching staff run their own clinics. Our four-year Bachelor of Traditional Chinese Medicine degree is highly practical: besides lectures and tutorials, it includes 900 hours of supervised observation and practise at our thriving Teaching Clinic in Sydney’s Chinatown district. Our graduates are thoroughly prepared to practise acupuncture, herbal dispensing and herbal medicine.