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AACMA event: Perth 1-Day event 2021

07 Nov 2021

Date: Sunday 7 November 2021
Time: 9am-4pm (including 1-hour lunch break and 2x30-minute tea breaks)
Location: Hakea Room at Mt Claremont Community Centre, 105 Montgomery Ave, Mount Claremont WA 6010
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CPD: 7 points (interactive)
RSVP: Thursday 4 November 2021

*Please note this event is for Physical Attendance ONLY. 
*Attendees must comply with all COVID-safe rules and please bring your own lunch.

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How to apply classical herbal prescriptions to help sleeping problems in the practice
Presented by Dr Yun Shen

Sleeping problems are common in acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine practice; they can come as main complains in the consultation or be combined with other health conditions. Sleeping problems are also critically affect your clients’ overall health and quality of life, especially with the impact of COVID-19 pandemic on the health practice.

There are great number of classical herbal prescriptions in our academic resource with thousands of years practice and development, how to apply them in our daily practice and benefit sleeping problems? Let us discuss!

The art of Mian Xiang or Chinese Face Reading
Presented by Jessica Kennedy

You’re probably doing some face reading already – a dull pale face for blood deficiency, or panda circles under the eyes for kidney deficiency.  But did you know that within the ancient art of Mian Xiang, or Chinese Face Reading, your face really speaks volumes about not just your health, but also your emotional habits, personality and experiences? 

Jessica Kennedy studied with the wonderful Lillian Bridges, to take facial diagnosis and analysis to a whole other level.  She’ll talk us through some examples, and how to use the framework to examine the meaning of your own face.

Inclusion in the Clinic
Presented by Gayatrii Surendorff

This workshop will walk you through how to ensure you are inclusive of diverse clients in your clinic, in particular those from LGBTIQ+ communities.

The workshop will focus on:

  • Inclusive language, including  a discussion around questions on initial client intake forms
  • Unconscious bias
  • A discussion around gender, sex and sexual orientation – and how these three concepts are separate from one another
  • How you can be an ally and provide a safe clinic environment for diverse folks
  • Current legislation relating to human rights, equity and inclusion and your responsibilities as a practitioner to best support your clients from diverse backgrounds.

The workshop will be run by Gaya Surendorff who has worked in the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion industry over the past decade with government and not for profit organisations. Gaya’s experience includes working closely with the Noongar community to implement Reconciliation Action Plans (RAPs), and they have been involved with development and implementation of Disability, Access and Inclusion Plans (DAIP) and they are involved in LGBTIQ+ human rights advocacy.

Pillars of Practice for New & Established Practitioners
Presented by Mandy Gratzer

In her talk Mandy will draw on her experience of having to ‘start again’ and share her expertise in growing a practice with good foundations for clinic success. When you’ve always done what you’ve always done, there is the tendency to become stagnant in the familiar. But what happens when the rug is pulled out from underneath you? Or you’re starting again? Or you're ready for something more? Having a strategy to approach that takes out the overwhelm, knowing that you’re not alone and that others have been where you’ve been is of great use. That’s where your pillars of practice are crucial. Mentorship & peer support that is industry relevant is fundamental for professional development. Marketing and understanding how you can harness your social media are fundamentals for your modern day business.

After running a clinic in Darwin for 12 years, Mandy and her family moved to Perth 4 years ago where she now practices. Mandy has served on the AACMA State Committee for NT and now WA. Her passion lies in serving her community and drove her to create a mentorship course for Acupuncturist graduates to guide them through setting up in clinic.

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