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(RECORDING) AACMA Webinar with Guild Insurance: Professional Behaviour

This session will explore the nature of complaints on behaviour and conduct of the professionals, why they’re occurring and what you can do to reduce the likelihood of facing these allegations.

(RECORDING) Webinar Series “Practice Essentials” with Stephen Janz: Seminar 1 Clinic Basics: Starting a business

This seminar on practice essentials will examine the fundamentals of starting a business from scratch. Attendees will learn about different business structures to suit their needs, and then step through a simple business plan structure.

BUNDLE DEAL: Webinar Series “Practice Essentials” with Stephen Janz

Bundle deal of 4 x webinars to learn with Stephen Janz about the "Practice Essentials" - Great information pack for establishing a successful practice, reviewing and improving the current operation and management.

(RECORDING) Webinar Series “Practice Essentials” with Stephen Janz: Seminar 2 'Keeping out of Trouble: Complying with Policies'

This seminar will highlight areas to help practitioners stay up to date and keep out of trouble in their practice.

(RECORDING) AACMA Webinar with Governology: Employment and Contractors

In this session, an overview will be provided on the difference between an employee and an independent contractor. It is very important to assess these indicators together to make an accurate classification of your workers.

(RECORDING) Webinar Series “Practice Essentials” with Stephen Janz: Seminar 3 'Tips for Patient Management'

This seminar will look at patient management issues and tips to build confidence in your treatments rather than how to treat conditions.

Webinar Series “Practice Essentials” with Stephen Janz: Seminar 4 'Forum on Business and Patient Management Issues'

It's your chance to ask the panel questions regarding the business and patient management side of running a clinic. You are also invited to share with the group your experiences of what works for you, and perhaps also what you found hasn't worked.


Proudly presented by the Australian Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine Association, this conference promises to be another must-see gathering of experts, practitioners, and enthusiasts in the field of acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine.

AACMA Webinar with Guild Insurance: Informed Consent and Record Keeping

Registration begins 9 September 2024.