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Chinese medicine diet and health: making alliances with friendly organisms

22 May 2022

The Chinese Medicine Centre, an international collaboration between Western Sydney University (WSU) and Beijing University of Chinese Medicine (BUCM), will be hosting six live web-based workshops throughout 2022 -

In fighting off the enemy, making alliances is a strategy for success for maintaining health; there is no exception regarding this rule. Introducing friendly organisms through diet as part of strengthening our Middle-Jiao (Spleen and Stomach) in day-to-day life is the focus of the presentation. This is a series of sessions that are TCM orientated with hands-on experiential workshops. Session 1 (3 hours) focuses on how to make sourdough, and Session 2 (3 hours) on how to prepare seafood. The presentation concludes with an exploration on what’s this to do with Wei Qi and health maintenance?

Presenter: Dr Gaudenzio Garozzo
Being qualified in both Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine, Dr Garozzo is a frontline health professional with extensive clinical experience. He was mentored by Dr Nguyen Van Nghi, a world-renowned doctor with dual expertise in the Chinese and western medical paradigms. Dr Garozzo is extremely passionate about bringing the knowledge and treatment approaches from the acupuncture classics into contemporary clinical practice, especially with addressing the needs of patients with difficult to treat conditions. His session on the ‘Clinical Application of Jing-Well Points in Ling Shu’ was well received in our CPD program 2021.

Session 1: 22nd May (Sun)
Session 2: 27th May (Fri)
Time: 3 hours each session, Sydney 09:00-12:00
Venue: ZOOM
CPD: 3 points per session
Language: English
Fee: *Early Bird Offer until 9 th May *$20 off the listed prices
Non Students $80 per session or $150 for two sessions; Students $50 per session or $90 for two sessions; WSU and BUCM alumni $20 per session or $40 for two sessions (Not applicable for Early Bird); WSU Staff FREE; WSU and BUCM students FREE
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