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Pearls Six-Weekend Wen Bing Live Webinar Course

08 Oct - 17 Dec 2022

In view that Wen Bing as one of the four major classic literature subjects is not being taught at most Chinese Medicine Universities Overseas like Shang Han Lun, Pearls of Wisdom Chinese Medicine is delighted to present a six-week three hour lecture course commencing 8th October 2022 ending 17th December 2022 by Dr. Greta Young Jie De.

Learning Outcome:

  • You will have a comprehensive understanding of the key treatment strategies of Wen Bing and how some of the Wen Bing formulae can be used to treat many internal diseases.
  • You will have a full comprehensive of how Wen Bing diagnosis differs from the Six Channels Pattern Identifications in Shang Han.
  • An introduction of the Clinical application of Jiao Yao 角药
  • How to apply the wind herbs to enhance your Treatment outcome
  • The application of purging formulae in Wen Bing to comply with the clinical approach of “Never purge too early with warm diseases”.
  • The concept of venting strategy for exterior and interior disorders ie at the Wei or Ying level

CPD points : 18

Cost for the six-live lectures with Playback:

Full Registration: A$800 Early Bird: $720 on or before 8th October 2022

Student: A$600; Early Bird on or before 8th October 2022 A$480

Student rate: Group of five booking $336 per registration (Early bird on or before 8th October 2022)

Group of two Student booking $432 per person (Early Bird this is a 10% discount for the early bird individual booking of $480)

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