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Seeing your blind spots!

20 Sep 2022

The Chinese Medicine Centre, an international collaboration between Western Sydney University (WSU) and Beijing University of Chinese Medicine (BUCM), will be hosting six live web-based workshops throughout 2022 -

This inter-active, online workshop explores the challenge or paradox between the explicit communication in the regulatory framework (such as the Chinese Medicine Board Australia ethical and conduct guidance) and the possibilities of what might be? (For example, demonstrating empathic communication does not equate to having empathy.) How might the practitioner step with grace and integrity for discipline, practice, patients, community, and self, and which honours their unique way of being in clinical practice and seeing the world? The workshop explores conceptual ideas of world views (ontologies) and perspectives (epistemologies), with group discussion facilitated by the presenter. Participants reflect deeper upon their unique life perspectives and how this filters their ways of being and seeing the world, including how they see patients.

Presenter: Dr Sean Walsh
Sean is qualified in Chinese medicine, transdisciplinary practices and warm data processes. He has over 20 years’ clinical experience and has taught extensively to various disciplinary groups in universities, most recently at Western Sydney University (WSU). He is also a senior researcher at the WSU Chinese Medicine Centre. He has a particular interest in ethics and supporting people to flourish. His current interests extend to exploring Chinese medicine as a systems approach for individual and community health, wellbeing and flourishing, and the inter-relationship between applied positive psychology and Chinese medicine health care practices.

Date: 20th September (Tue)
Time: Sydney 17:00-19:00
Venue: ZOOM
CPD: 2 points
Language: English
Fee: Early Bird Offer until 6 th September *$20 off the listed prices
Non Students $70; Students $30; WSU and BUCM alumni $20 (Not applicable for Early Bird); WSU Staff FREE; WSU and BUCM students FREE
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