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Traditional and Modern Pharmacognosy: Perspectives from Chinese and Western Herbal Medicine

21 Aug 2022

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Topic: Traditional and Modern Pharmacognosy: Perspectives from Chinese and Western Herbal Medicine
Speaker: Eric Brand
Date: Sunday 21 August 2022
Time: 10:00am-12:15pm (AEST)
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The timeless human quest to discover natural products that can alleviate disease and suffering has caused pharmacognosy to be described as the “oldest modern science.” The use of plant, animal, and mineral products in the treatment of disease has been documented worldwide for thousands of years, and trade in medicinal products between cultures dates back to ancient times. Over the course of history, pharmacognosy has evolved considerably following advances in disciplines such as taxonomy, agronomy, and chemistry, and tremendous diversity can be seen in the pre-­‐modern approaches used by different cultures to evaluate and apply natural medicines.

Traditionally, pharmacognosy focused on the study of crude drugs of natural origin, encompassing aspects such as authentication and quality control. In the modern era, pharmacognosy has expanded beyond traditional techniques such as macroscopic identification and microscopy, and advances in molecular biology and screening methods to identify chemical constituents and therapeutic targets have transformed the field. In recent years, new methods of drug discovery utilizing computer simulation models have been developed to complement the traditional process of investigating potential new drugs based on ethnopharmacological observations.

Although some additional biological materials such as marine organisms and large fungi have traditionally been used as medicines for centuries, modern pharmacognosy has expanded to investigate new drugs derived from microorganisms such as bacteria and fungi that were inaccessible to research before the modern era.

This webinar will introduce:

  • Pharmacognosy - A Multidisciplinary Science
  • Traditional Pharmacognosy in China
  • Traditional Pharmacognosy in the West

About Presenter

Eric Brand is a Chinese medicine practitioner with a passion for materia medica. Eric earned his PhD at the School of Chinese Medicine at Hong Kong Baptist University, and he serves as a TCM advisor to the American Herbal Pharmacopoeia. He served as Chair of the U.S. delegation on the ISO Technical Committee for TCM standards (ISO TC 249) from 2014 to 2017, and is currently an Assistant Professor at Taipei Medical University.

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